WordPress Short Courses : WordPress Training

WordPress has taken the world by storm and this wordpress short course will enable you transition into the world of web development with ease .

If you are an aspiring web programmer who wants to enhance add commercial value to your already functional HTML & Flash sites – and thereby enhance the usability and professionalism of your web sites – then this is the course for you!

This 4 week evening course is not intended for absolute beginners. You will require Module 2 (XHTML/CSS Essentials) and Adobe Photoshop Essential Skills, or equivalent work experience, in order to manage with the content of this course.

You will cover popular topics in the field of advanced web programming such as an introduction to cutting-edge technologies like Server-based scripting in PHP, and how work with basic PHP using WordPress, editing and creating your own WordPress templates, using external sources to fill your website with content, such as XML and advanced HTML. Practical projects make this course a must!

Click here to find out more on this WordPress short course.

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