Study Notary Law in Amsterdam : Notarieel Recht Amsterdam

Notary Law and qualified notaries in the Netherlands play a massive in ever day business and private affairs in life. The civil law notaries draws up a last will and testaments or a partner agreement when two people decide to live together. Other situations also require a civil law notary, for example the transfer of property after it has been sold, or the founding of an association, firm or official foundation.

Students majoring in Notarial Law do their first year with students doing the other two law Bachelor’s programmes at the UvA, Tax Law and Law. The first-year curriculum includes courses like constitutional law, liability law, contract law, settling conflicts, and the history of European law. Ample attention is also devoted to writing skills, since it is important for civil law notaries to be able to express themselves proficiently in writing.

After this general first year, it is possible to transfer to one of the other law Bachelor’s programmes without losing any time. Students who continue to major in Notarial Law take courses like civil procedure law, company and legal entity law, economics, personal, family and inheritance law, and tax law.

After completing a Bachelor’s programme in Notarial Law you will graduate as a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Additional entry requirements

There are no additional entry requirements apart from the entry requirements which apply to all students (see below).

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