Accounting Short Courses Unisa : Accounting for School Governance

This Unisa Accounting Short Course aims to equip students with a practical knowledge of accounting which will enable them to use basic standard accounting techniques to account for the various events that occur in South African schools in order to improve the general governance of the school.

The accounting course is ideal for administrative staff dealing with the accounting aspects of a school, school principals, members of governing bodies of schools, parents, educators, members of local communities and staff at educational departments who have an interest in education and governance in schools and who may want to obtain a formal background to accounting procedures for governing school finances or school fund raising and spending activities.

Duration of the course

One year.

Registration requirements

Senior certificate or an equivalent qualification.


Topic A            Bookkeeping and business documents

  • Study unit 1:    School governance
  • Study unit 2:    The nature and purpose of accounting
  • Study unit 3:    The accounting equation
  • Study unit 4:    Business documents:  Cash transactions
  • Study unit 5:    The recording of cash transactions
  • Study unit 6:    Credit transactions

Topic B            The application of bookkeeping systems

  • Study unit 7:    Inventory systems
  • Study unit 8:    Bank reconciliation
  • Study unit 9:    Trial balance
  • Study unit 10: Final accounts

Topic C           Internal control and budgets

  • Study unit 11:  Internal control
  • Study unit 12:  Budgets


The course commences in February. The closing date for registrations is 28 February.


The course fee is R4 400 and is payable as follows:

R2 200 is payable as soon as a student number has been allocated and the balance of R2 200 is payable by 15 May.

Credits and SAQA application

Submitted to SAQA on level 5 (NQF level 5)

12 credits

Eunice Ramanyimi

Tel no: (012) 429 4465 / 3918 (08:00-13:00)

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  1. Altha-Gracia Heunis says:

    Kindly forward me information on Accounting for School Governance- short course. I hereby would like to apply for this particular course. Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

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