Unisa Short Courses : Business to Business Marketing Courses

The UNISA short course in business to business marketing focuses on the marketing and selling  of goods and services from one business to another business organisation (B2B Marketing).

Sales to business markets accounts for more than 50% of the total sales in developed markets and the unique demands on the business marketer are addressed in this course. More than 3 000 students have already successfully completed this programme and entered the labour market in marketing-related positions.

The Business Marketing Management Programme is offered only by Unisa – it is the marketing programme everyone is talking about!

Duration of the programme
Twelve months

Registration requirements
A Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification or relevant experience.

Course Content

Code Module
PB2B01W Customer Analysis

This module focuses on the fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing, and the analysis of the business environment through the use of formal and informal marketing research. Performing a Customer and Competitor analysis forms the conerstone of this module.


PB2B02X Strategic Marketing Planning

This module focus on the strategic issues in managing business markets. Two primary strategic decisions are who to serve – by performing market segmentation and choosing target markets and how to serve them – through the establishment of competetive market offering.


PB2B03Y Marketing Strategies

The primary components of the business marketing mix are managing products in the market place and promoting the product to present and potential customers.  Internet marketing is becoming an important part of promoting business products.

In this module the other components of the marketing mix, namely pricing and logistics management are discussed, inter alia, managing competitive bidding and leasing. Logistics and value chain management are viewed from supply and demand-chain networks


PB2B043 Export Marketing

This module examines all the aspects of export marketing, including the analysis of the international business environment, export marketing research, export market selection and the export marketing strategyThe benefit of this module is that it opens up the world to the business-to-business marketer.

Evaluation and examination
A learner’s performance is evaluated on the basis of compulsory assignments throughout the year.  Formal examinations will be written in January and May at official Unisa examination centres.  This will be an open-book examination.

On successful completion of the four modules learners will be awarded a certificate by  post.

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