Digital Marketing Short Course : New York Digital Marketing Training

The Digital marketing short course from the New York University will enable learners to prepare and ready for the fundamental industry transformation underway. Consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional marketing media–television, radio, and print publications–to the Internet, wireless devices, and other digital media.

Research indicates that digital marketing budgets are increasing dramatically, and digital media campaigns are becoming a pivotal part of effective marketing plans. This program focuses on helping marketers build and sustain successful, integrated digital media marketing programs. Marketing professionals with expertise in this area are invaluable assets to any organization as emerging technology continues to affect the way marketing is practiced today.

Upon completion of this program, students have the ability to:

  • Develop and execute a digital deployment plan to solve digital marketing problems.
  • Integrate digital initiatives with an overall marketing plan, as well as other digital marketing efforts, including websites, search, e-mail, social media, and mobile campaigns, and various online promotions.
  • Conduct consumer research in order to produce effective search, e-mail, social, and mobile campaigns, a cost-effective means of generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing CRM programs.
  • Target and deliver smart marketing messages to on-the-go and digital media savvy audiences.
  • Achieve better results in digital spending, and show the exact return on marketing investment.

This advanced certificate, now offered both on-site and online, can be earned intensively in one semester or as a self-paced program over a few semesters, and is awarded to students who successfully complete six courses–three required, two core, and one elective. Students without a strong marketing foundation (at least two years of experience or completion of the Marketing Fundamentals Certificate) should enroll in two of the Marketing elective courses prior to beginning studies in this program).

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