Monash Short Courses 2013 : Sports Management Courses 2013

This Monash Short Course in Sports Management is essential in the discovery and successful undertaking of a sports management career. South Africa’s sporting environment is unique in that the majority of our people have not had the sporting opportunities they deserve and in many cases this inequality continues and management of these opportunities are thus required to ensure the continuing success of South African sport.

It is crucial that the modern South African sports administrator understands the unique demand of the local industry while simultaneously adapting to the international sports environment.

Course Content

Block 1: The Commercial Aspects of Sport

  • Entrepreneurship in Sport
  • Sports Marketing
  • Athlete representation
  • Governance in Sport

Block 2: The Sport and Fitness Environment

  • Principles of Physical Activity
  • Wellness and Lifestyle
  • Sustainable Structures in Sport
  • Talent Identification and Development

Block 3: Sport Project Management

  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Safety and Risk Management in Sport
  • Facility Management (media, stadia)
  • Sport Team Management

Block 4: Sport and Social Responsibility

  • Professional Values & Ethics in Sport
  • Diversity & Equity in Sport
  • Disability in Sport
  • Sports Development

Duration: 20 days

  • R6 999.00 per block per candidate
  • R27 996.00 Total Course Fee per Candidate

Venue: Monash Africa Centre/As per arrangement with client

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