Learn French Online Free : French Short Course

Learn French online free with the Open Learning Initiative’s free French Short Course. Elementary French I is a carefully sequenced and highly interactive presentation of French language and culture in a media-rich course environment including new video shot in France and Qu├ębec with young professional actors. It is designed to be used as a full course of study.

To successfully use this course, you should be a motivated student with a sincere desire to learn about French language and francophone cultures, and be comfortable with computer technologies. The time commitment will typically average 6-8 hours per week.

Additional Course Details

Topics Covered: Introductions, Origins, Studies, Age, Appearance, Personality, Preferences, Activities, Time, The Family, The Home, Work, Meals, Restaurants, and Shopping.

Estimated Time to Complete Course:

15 weeks. The course is divided into fifteen thematic lessons. Each lesson is designed to take one week to complete so working through an entire course will take the average student approximately fifteen weeks. Completing this course and Elementary French 2 will require two semesters or roughly thirty weeks at the university level. These courses have also been used successfully at the secondary level where they can be extended to cover two years or more.

Additional Software or Materials Required:

Chat environment and videoconferencing software if the student is working with an instructor in a distance-learning situation. Course Last Updated Date: August 2011 Changes in This Update Include: Addition of final exam using extensive question pools.

Find out more – http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/free-open/french-i-course-details/

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  1. ester says:

    I would like to take the free online french course. kindly send me information on admission and registration. thank you

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