Learn French Online Free : Advanced French Short Course

This advanced french short course that allows you to learn french online for free has been developed by the Open Learning Initiative and is a following on from the phase one Learn French Online course which can be found here – Learn French Short Course.

Topics Covered:

This course targets communicative competence in the following domains:
My Family, My Neighborhood, My Future, The Body, My Regime, Young People and Stress, Vacations, Modes of Transport, A Virtual Trip, Political Opinions, Change, Ecology, Where to Live, Questions of Identity, Languages and Life.

Estimated Time to Complete Course:

Each course is divided into fifteen thematic lessons. Each lesson is designed to take approximately one week to complete so working through an entire course will take the average learner approximately fifteen weeks. Completing this course and the prior course (Elementary French 1) will require two semesters or roughly thirty weeks at the university level. At the secondary level these courses have been extended to cover two years or more.

Additional Software or Materials Required:

Chat environment, videoconferencing software if taught at a distance.

Course Last Updated Date:

August 2011Changes in This Update Include:Addition of final exam using extensive question pools.

Find out moreĀ – http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/free-open/french-ii-course-details/

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