Unimelb Handbook 2017 : University of Melbourne Handbook

Download the Unimelb Handbook to access all the information you require across all the University of Melbourne’s areas of study. The handbook provides a practical breakdown of courses, subjects, requirements and more.

Areas of study at the University of Melbourne:

  • Agriculture, animal studies, food science and veterinary science
  • Architecture, building and planning
  • Commerce, economics and management
  • Computing and Information
  • Education, teaching and training
  • Engineering
  • Environment and natural resources
  • Historical, philosophical, political and social studies
  • Language, literature and cultural studies
  • Law, legal studies and criminology
  • Medicine, dentistry, health and welfare
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Music
  • Performing and visual arts, theatre, film and television
  • Sciences and mathematics
  • University breadth subjects


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