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Short Course in Knowledge Management from Unisa focuses on the issues of change management and organisational transformation. The short course looks at the internal processes and procedures within the organisational structure to ensure maximum continuity through process enhancements, new techniques and oprimisation mechanisms.

This knowledge management short course enable learners to identify, model, measure, and manage organizational knowledge processes, identify and use knowledge production, the acquisition of knowledge, its transmission, its usage, sub-processes, and various metrics. The primary focus will be on the effects of recognising knowledge within the organisation, capturing this knowledge, and using it to position the organisation in a competitive internal and external environment.

Six months

Registration requirements
A National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification or relevant experience.


  • The origins, extent, nature and value of Knowledge Management (KM), Innovation Culture and Vision
  • Generating opportunities for innovation and KM
  • Innovation Development Process
  • Preserving Knowledge and Protecting Rights
  • The Importance of Celebrating Successes
  • Aligning KM and business strategy
  • The knowledge management platform
  • Knowledge audit and analysis
  • Designing the knowledge management team
  • Creating the knowledge management system blueprint
  • Developing the knowledge management system
  • Leadership and reward structures
  • Commercialization of innovation KM systems
  • Real-option analysis for knowledge valuation

Evaluation and examination
The Unisa open and distance learning paradigm will be followed. Learners will receive learning material written in outcomes based format covering the above-mentioned topics. Learning material will consist of a prescribed text book and a study guide supplemented by tutorial letters. Formative assessment will be by means of one assignment and a practical knowledge management report.

The assignment must be submitted in order to obtain admission to the examination. The practical knowledge management report will be in the form of a case study on an existing organisation that has implemented or intends to implement a knowledge management system. This report will contribute a maximum of 20% of the final module mark.

Summative assessment will be done via a written two-hour open book examination. There will be a sub-minimum of 40% in the examination. An overall mark of 75% constitutes a distinction.

All students who complete this course successfully will be awarded a certificate for the Course in Knowledge Management from the Centre for Business Management.

First semester
23 January (registration takes place from 28 November 2011 until 23 January 2012.

Second semester
13 July (registration takes place from 18 June until 13 July).

Lecturer details
Prof RT Mpofu
Tel:      (012) 429-4849
Cell:     082 468-5012

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