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The Consumer Protection Act short course will ensure that learners learn and know exactly how to afford consumers extensive protection and will significantly affect many aspects of business, having a thorough knowledge thereof is vital. This law short course will give attendees comprehensive knowledge of the purpose and application of the consumer protection act and of the material substance and effect of its provisions.

Course content:

This course will cover the following aspects of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008:

  1. Introduction to Consumer protection
  2. Regulatory Bodies
  3. Purpose, Policy and Application of the Act
  4. Interpretation of the Act
  5. Fundamental Consumer Rights, Protection of Consumer Rights, Enforcement, Offences and penalties and compliance

Learning outcomes:

The course will enable attendees to know the purpose of the Act, determine whether the Act applies to a specific transaction and what is the effect thereof. In addition; which specific consumer rights are protected, what effect the Act has on franchise agreements, determining the scope of liability and accountability in terms of the Act and how to ensure compliance with the Act. It will also provide a basic knowledge of the regulatory bodies responsible for enforcement of the Act and what such enforcement entails.

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