Afrikaans Short Courses : Linguistics Short Courses

This Afrikaans short course is designed for people with basic knowledge of Afrikaans who aims to improve their grasp of proficiency in the language. The course aims to improve the proficiency of non-mother tongue speakers of Afrikaans with the help of audio-visual material and written exercises.

Course content:

Emphasis is on fluency and grammatical correctness in both oral and written work. The course consists of listening, vocabulary, grammar and independent oral and written execises. Delegates’ cognitive abilities are enhanced together with the expansion of their language knowledge.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course, delegates should be able to:

  • Expand their grammatical knowledge;
  • Improve their speaking, reading, writing and understanding of Afrikaans;
  • Be capable of more complex oral discussions.

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One Response to Afrikaans Short Courses : Linguistics Short Courses

  1. Andrew Conn says:

    Please send me some info on this short course. I return to SA every 6 weeks or so, and am interested in learning how to communicate in Afrikaans. Baie dankie!

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