Birkbeck Short Courses : Web Design Short Courses

This Birkbeck short course in Web Design is ideal for someone looking to develop professional web design and authoring skills and learn how to apply these skills in the workplace. The short course format ensures that learners have the opportunity to carry out a project tackling a real-life, work-related problem. This ensures that once the course has been completed students don’t only have theoretical, but applied practical knowledge of the curriculum.

This university-level, professional development programme provides an introduction to web design and multimedia authoring in a business environment. Its main aim is to develop knowledge, technical skills and expertise in areas affected by rapidly changing information, database and web technologies. It will be of interest to those wishing to develop professional and work-related web design and web authoring skills and learn how to apply these in commercial and not-for-profit organisations. Use is made of Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash), XHMTL and CSS, JavaScript, XML, MySQL and PHP to build interactive web applications.

Covered in the course?

To gain the Certificate of Higher Education in Web Design Technologies, you must succesfully complete eight modules from those listed below, worth a total of 120 credit points.

You must first complete a Certificate of Continuing Education in Web Design, which comprises the following four modules, worth a total of 60 credit points:

Module 1: Introduction to Web Authoring using XHTML and CSS
Module 2: Introduction to Database Technology
Module 3: Web Authoring using Dreamweaver
Module 4: Developing Multimedia Assets using Fireworks and Flash.

To gain the Certificate of Higher Education in Web Design Technologies, you must then complete any four additional modules from the following list, worth a further 60 credits, making 120 credits in total:

Module 5: Problem Solving for Programming
Module 6: JavaScript
Module 7: XML
Module 8: E-Commerce Applications
Module 9: Multimedia Web Programming using Flash and ActionScript
Module 10: Web Programming using PHP
Module 11: Building Web Applications using MySQL and PHP
Module 12: Project (Web Design Technologies).

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