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The Digital Photography short course from UCT will not only teach you the basics of today’s digital photography world, it will give you the confidence to handle your equipment like a pro. Many people steer away from DSLR cameras because they feel daunted by the range of technical capabilities that these seemingly complex cameras offer, but in actuality, learning to use a DSLR camera is simple when you are supported and guided by the expertise of a professional photographer.

This highly practical 10-week short course will teach you the technical skills needed to operate a DSLR camera correctly, as well as help you to apply these skills in practice.

In addition, you will receive feedback from a professional photographer and fellow aspiring photographers through a supportive and unique online learning format. The course offers an exciting opportunity for individuals wanting to explore the world of digital photography, improve their picture-taking abilities and produce high-quality photographs, whether for personal or professional pursuit.

Course structure:

Orientation module Welcome to your Virtual Learning Environment
Module 1 Getting to know your camera
Module 2 Aperture
Module 3 Shutter speed
Module 4 ISO
Module 5 How your camera understands light
Module 6 How to make use of your flash
Module 7 Composition
Module 8 Portraits
Module 9 Landscape
Module 10 Basic photo editing techniques

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