IT Courses in South Africa : Jakarta Struts Development

The Jakarta Struts Development course focuses on using the Struts framework for developing robust servlet/JSP applications. This course provides the experienced servlet/JSP developer with a solid Struts overview and hands-on practice. Delegates will learn the Struts tag libraries and the components that make up the architectural framework, as well as Struts best practices.

Our Java Programming course or equivalent experience in Java programming is essential, as well as the Java Servlets and JSP course and a good knowledge of basic HTML.

The Jakarta Struts Development course is aimed at experienced server-side Java programmers who are already doing servlet/JSP development and are migrating to, or interested in, the Jakarta Struts architecture, and need to create, deploy and maintain robust web applications using the Struts framework.

Delegates who complete the Jakarta Struts Development course will be able to:

  • Integrate servlets, JSPs, JavaBeans and Struts in a MVC architecture.
  • Write Struts applications.
  • Use the Struts tag libraries.
  • Write and deploy Struts web applications.

Course Length:
3 day

Total Cost:

Attendance certificate

Jacqui Coosner
Incus Data (Pty) Ltd
Telephone: 0126662020

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