Internal Audit Short Course : Internal Auditing Courses

This Internal Audit short course is aimed at internal auditors currently in that capacity at their employers, with or without formal qualifications in auditing, who work in an internal audit environment. The course covers an introduction to internal auditing (standards, responsibilities, control models, etc), internal auditing techniques (audit programmes, working papers, audit findings, etc), scientific methods (risk assessment and sampling), reporting, information technology auditing, managing the internal audit function (quality assurance, controlling audit projects, etc), audit relationships (auditees, external auditors and the board), risk-based auditing and control self-assessment.

Course content:

  • Code of Ethics and Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing
  • Risk and Risk-based Auditing
  • Internal Control
  • Techniques of internal auditing
  • Information Technology Controls and Audit
  • Performance Auditing
  • Report Writing

Course outcomes:

  • be familiar with and be able to apply the IIA standards and ethical codes;
  • understand the concept of internal control and be able to identify weaknesses and suggest improvements;
  • understand the internal audit process;
  • understand the different tools and techniques to be used by the internal auditor during the internal auditing process;
  • be able to specify different findings of the audit performed;
  • understand and be able to apply statistical sampling techniques and other quantitative methods;
  • be able to write an audit report, do follow-ups and communicate with other parties according to IIA standards;
  • understand general and application controls in an information technology environment;
  • perform an audit of computer programs and data files; and
  • understand audit relationships, be able to manage an audit function and quality assurance reviews.

Course structure:

Delegates attend a four-day course from 8am to 4.30pm daily, presented on the main campus of the University of Pretoria.


The course fee is R 7 500 pp, and includes comprehensive course material, lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course. Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.


2 Responses to Internal Audit Short Course : Internal Auditing Courses

  1. Olalekan Ayodeji says:

    I will like to register for internal audit short course. I also want to access the program on line from Nigeria except if there is any school or institute that coordinate the prgram in nigeria. Kindkly advise.

  2. Olalekan Ayodeji says:

    Please advise on the school that handle this prgram in Nigeria

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