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Marketing Business analytics is the intersection of business and technology to reap the rewards of solid, strategic marketing initiatives. It lives in data. As a strategic asset, business analytics offers new opportunities for competitive advantage. In this new era of big data, there are 5 questions every company must face:

  • What happens in a world with an abundance of data?
  • How can you establish a business analytics culture within your organization?
  • How would your competitive strategy change if you could test your decisions?
  • How would your business change if you used data analysis for real-time customization?
  • Could business analytics create new business opportunities?

The Business Analytics marketing course includes the curriculum that will supply motivated decision makers with the knowledge to understand and use these skills, improve their creative decision-making, and be at the forefront of this new and dynamic Big Data era. Participants will be challenged throughout the program to ask themselves how this relates to their organization. Case studies, group break-out sessions, interactive mini-lectures will guide the learning progress. The sessions are highly interactive and require engagement with participants, guest speakers, and the faculty. The program includes the important dimensions of analytics combining applied statistics, process optimization and business intelligence encountered in global industry. The curriculum equips participants with the skills and understanding to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset. These skills are critical in preparing organizations to solve 21st century business problems.

Program Benefits:
During this program participants will learn how successful companies:

  • Analyze and manage vast amounts of data effectively so as to improve business processes
    Faculty provide participants with new and innovative techniques and practices designed to manage large data sets and database systems. They will learn how to optimize processes by using data and identifying and solving the right problems.
  • Apply the analysis and decision making process across disciplines
    Participants will learn the uses of data collection and analysis across several fields: marketing, finance and operations management.
  • Make informed decisions and communicate results in clear, comprehensive ways
    Participants will learn how to build predictive models to improve decision making. They will learn methods and techniques to best to communicate results to customers, employees in their organizations and top management.

This program is eligible for Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE).  Please contact the NYU Stern Executive Education office for more information.

For information on NYU Stern’s degree program in Business Analytics, please visit stern.nyu.edu/business-analytics

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