NMMU Short Courses 2013 : Quality Control Short Courses

This NMMU Short Course in quality control or as many know the discipline quality assurance will provide students with an understanding of quality principles and techniques aimed at enhancing quality assurance systems in their place of work. In addition, learners would be able to apply quality tools to monitor and control processes to assist continuous improvement.

Target Audience:

  • Shop floor manager
  • Supervisor
  • Middle management

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to quality Process control TQM
  • Cost of quality
  • Quality of design
  • Probability
  • Supplier quality
  • Acceptance sampling
  • Quality planning and improvement
  • Reliability
  • Frequencing distribution
  • Variable control charts

Cost, date & duration:

  • R7900 per person
  • 17 weeks ( Every Tuesday evening at 17:30)
  • 14 May – 3 September 2013

One Response to NMMU Short Courses 2013 : Quality Control Short Courses

  1. Michael Payiya says:

    I am a sampler at Aspen Pharmacare I am looking for something to further my studies on the below mentioned fields. Please send me anything on the line of quality Control/Assurance. I would love to present in my manager something in one of your courses.

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