Short Courses at CPUT : Human Resources Courses

This Human Resources short course at CPUT provides an understanding of human resources management as a dynamic cog in the wheel of an organization, and how it assists in organizational productivity, efficiency and employee well being.This CPUT HR course is intended to introduce attendees to the field of Human Resources Management.

Course topics include:

  • Nature of human resources management.
  • Workforce planning – Forecasting requirements.
  • Recruitment – Job analysis.
  • Selection – Concepts and methods.
  • Placement and induction – Induction programme elements.
  • Personnel movements – Transfer, lay-off, promotion, demotion and retirement.
  • Absenteeism and labour turnover – Measurement and control.
  • Performance appraisal – Methods – performance contract
  • Motivation – Content and process theories.
  • Job design – Methods of job redesign and calculation of motivation potential scores.
  • Job evaluation and pay – J.E. Methods, wage curves, incentives and wage surveys. Compensation structure strategy.


A certificate will be awarded to participants achieving a final minimum pass mark of 50%

Course Presenter

Cape Town Campus – Mr. R. Palmer
Bellville Campus – Mr Alex Paterson

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2 Responses to Short Courses at CPUT : Human Resources Courses

  1. sharlene says:

    As from when does the short courses start and what does it cost?

  2. estelle stoffels says:

    Please advise as from what date the Human Resource course start at the Bellville Campus.

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