Northwest University Courses : Advanced Labour Relations Course

The importance of sound Labour Relations within the Human Resource environment can never be over emphasized.  It is with this in mind that the Advanced Course in Labour Relations was developed.  During this course the presenters will focus on the pressing issues in the management of modern day Labour Relations.  The spotlight will fall amongst others on the Management of Strikes, Lock outs, Discipline and Substance Abuse.  How to prepare for hearings and for the CCMA will get attention as well as Collective Bargaining and Negotiations.

Delegates/ Students will acquire an advanced knowledge of the different areas Labour Law that are considered important to the effective conduct of Labour Relations in the workplace. Through role play, case studies, practical exercises, and lectures, delegates/ students are helped in workshops towards honing their own skills in managing Advanced Labour Relations.

Your course leader in Managing Advanced Labour Relations will be Dr CJ Botha CHRP.  He is a fully registered Chartered Practitioner in the field of Labour Relations and Human Resources and will guide you in your studies in a practical and useful manner.  With his vast practical experience of more than 20 years he is more than equipped for excellent training in this field of study.

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