Study Actuarial Studies in Amsterdam : Actuariële Wetenschappen Amsterdam

Actuarial studies at Amsterdam university is one of the most dynamic areas of business with massive opportunities in business market in flux. An actuary or insurance mathematician calculates the amount of premium that needs to be paid for example for fire and theft-, disability-, or car insurance.

Actuaries take into account interest, inflation and cost development, as well as societal aspects. They use models, statistics and information science when determining a premium. They are also involved in investment policy.

The UvA is the only university in the Netherlands offering a study programme in Actuarial Studies. Students will do a lot of calculating, analysing and predicting. This way you learn how to solve economic and managerial problems. You will also often use mathematical models and other representations of reality.

The first one and a half year of the programme coincides with the Bachelor’s programme in Econometrics and Operational Research. The Bachelor’s programme in Actuarial Studies maintains close ties with the professional association, the Actuarial Society, as a result of which a lot of attention is paid to the interaction of actuarial theory and practice.

Students who have successfully completed the programme will be awarded the title Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Additional entry requirements

Compulsory: Mathematics
Preferred: English

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